Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashion in Malaysia

Various Style Baju Melayu

Asia, the largest continent of the world, has always been home to diverse traditions, cultures, ethnicities and wonders. The country Malaysia is in the southeastern part of Asia. The beautiful beaches, wonderful natural beauties, soaring skyscrapers and other unique features of Malaysia have given it a distinct identity as one of the favorite tourist spots in the world. The society of Malaysia is rich with diverse ethnic groups, religious practices and other cultural characteristics. The diverse populace has also a fetish for fashion. Fashion in Malaysia also has its own distinct identity. Read on with AsiaRooms.com to get an idea about fashion of Malaysia.

The Malaysian people like to dress in their traditional costume. In spite of the penetration of western modes of dressing and western influenced style, Malays like to participate in the social and cultural occasions dressed in their traditional costume. The costume is worn by the Malays in different social occasions, national ceremonies and celebrations.

On these occasions, the Malay men wear the Baju Melayu. The dress consists of a loose shirt, which is complemented with a pair of long trousers. A sarung, also known as Sampin, is wrapped all around the waist portion of the body. It is kept so that it is left hanging half-way down over the pair of trousers. For the head, which the Malays refer to as the `home of the human soul’, there is an ornate headgear. Usually it is a black colored fez-like cap, which is known as a `Songkok’. But for attending on more grand occasions, one is tempted to don a `Tanjak’ or `Tengkolok’.

The women’s dress is also quite fascinating. The Malay women usually like to get dressed in `Baju Kurung’. Baju Kurung consists of a sarung and a loose-fitting blouse. Women sometimes replace the Baju Kurung with the `Baju Kebaya’ which is more like a tight-fitting blouse. Recently, ladies have developed a growing fascination towards a newer version of their costume. This version of the national dress is aptly known as the `Kebarung’, which is a variation of Baju Kurung and Kebaya. This is a very picturesque and colorful dress.

Malaysian fashion is quite unique in character and has a distinct identity of its own. The beautiful and sweet-natured Malaysian people look all the more lovely in their national dress.

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